New WNG Portable Piano Pounder Available from TPR Tools

The New WNG Portable Piano Pounder adds a manufacturer's stability to final regulations, previously only found in a piano factory!! This tool, now available from TPR Tools (, can be used in the piano OR on the bench. So if the piano is in the shop and fully strung, the Portable Piano Pounder can play away in the piano all night long, compressing, burnishing, and generally stabilizing soft materials in preparation for the final rounds of regulating, tuning, and voicing. If the piano is apart or in the customer's home, however, the Pounder can still do the work, striking Regulating Rack templates instead of strings, on bench or Regulation Station Deluxe instead of in piano.

Wessell, Nickel & Gross makes three other tools (also for sale at essential for best use of Grandwork tools and protocols. The Keyframe Bedding Tool simplifies fine-tuning balance rail support AND allows a short form of bedding that either validates the rest of the keyframe's fit or clarifies where a problem lies that should be addressed. The Key Dip Tool places a substantial weight in a specific spot on a natural key that makes key dip accurate and reproducible AND makes kissing samples of strike extremely accurate and reproducible. And the Key Level Stick serves well in its key leveling function, with a straight or crowned reference, AND pre-sets bedding elements in a Regulation Station Deluxe.

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