Grand Regulation Bootcamp

$ 2,250.00
  • Grand Regulation Bootcamp


Grand Regulation Bootcamp

$ 2,250.00

Grand Regulation Bootcamp (click here for its daily schedule) solves the main problem with conference classes. Until you have done something, thought it through, and made its choices, pressures of your workweek will likely turn you back to old ways when faced with an obstruction or unexpected results.

The Grand Regulation Bootcamp provides:

  • A day's immersion in video, protocols, and other documents to learn vocabulary and concepts. This is on your own time, ahead of the Bootcamp.
  • A telephone Q&A with Chris to test grasp of concepts and assure that the Regulation Bootcamp will serve you well.
  • 5-day 40-hour training in the Grandwork shop - one piano, two techs.

Pairing techs helps get work done more quickly and there is a lot to do. But it also engages two brains, raises two sets of questions, and compares two styles of working. Mostly, participants work side-by-side, but when one must solo, the other observes - and then roles reverse. Each tech is student and teacher. Chris coaches as needed.

Payment can be made in one payment of $2,250 (10% discount) or split into three payments:

  1. Grandwork System Prep Package - $300 (can be taken independently)
  2. Bootcamp Reservation - $1,100 (to secure a spot)
  3. Bootcamp Final Payment.- $1,100 (due 1 month before Bootcamp)

This is a great way to try out the Grandwork System and tools or augment what you know and put refinements into muscle-memory.

You may also be interested in the new Voicing Bootcamp - a second week, done consecutively or independently, in which the regulation is refined, dampers, pedals, and trapwork added, and mating, tuning, and voicing methodically completed! Jude Reveley RPT and Boaz Kirschenbaum RPT join me on dampers and voicing respectively.

the regulating rack

Letoff racks provide letoff for a section. Regulating Racks provide the entire strike profile and change its height as needed for the whole action.

Applying The System

The Setup and Order of Operations guides you step by step and the Laminated Protocols let you tick off steps as you go, so you don't get out of order or leave something out.

Well-lit work

The Regulating Rack's rail has LEDs that illuminate both templates and action. The Hammer Hanging Jig has its own LEDa, too. And Lighting Rails come in four sizes to shine light wherever you need it.