6-Class Offering at Booth #16 (2019 Convention, Tuscon AZ July 11-13):

Having plugged the more comprehensive hands-on Bootcamps, I will still offer "free" classes at conventions. This 9-hour series describes the Grandwork System in some detail. Here's this summer's schedule:

1  Short and Long Form Keyframe Bedding  Thu 8:00-9:30 (Period 1)  

Good tone, good power, and good repetition in a grand depend on good keyframe bedding. The Grandwork Bedding Protocol acts as a step-by-step guide.

2  Bedding and Strike Sampling in the Piano  Thu 10:30-Noon (Period 2)

Learn the Grandwork approach: Keysteps and a WNG Dip Tool memorize bedding and strike respectively (that’s right - the Dip Tool is not measuring dip).

3  Bedding and Strike Setup on the Bench  Fri 8:00-9:30 (Period 1)

The Custom Keybed recreates the piano’s keyframe bedding and the Regulating Rack sets up a profile of strike that lowers to letoff, hammerline, and more.   

4  Prep Parts to Work Vertically  Fri 10:30-Noon (Period 2) 

Fully regulate samples on the Regulation Station, then travel shanks and square hammers to vertical with the Squaring Platform, Shank Traveler, and Hammer Square.

5  Fast and Precise Bench Regulating  Sat 8:00-9:30 (Period 1)

Regulate from key leveling through aftertouch on the Regulation Station. Steps proceed in an order that does not undo previous work.    

 Installation, String-Hammer Mating, and Voicing Sat 10:30-Noon (Period 2)

Back in the piano, after one trip to the bench, the regulation fits. Then mating, tuning, voicing, and damper regulation complete the job.