APTTA Convention (Melbourne Australia October 18-20, 2019):

Having plugged comprehensive hands-on Bootcamps, please note that I will continue to teach at conventions. This 4-hour series describes the Grandwork System in some detail:

Session 1: 

Introduction to the Grandwork System and a demonstration of bedding and sampling in the piano.

Session 2: 

Setting up on the bench and using the samples to recreate bedding and strike. The Custom Keybed supports the action as if it's in the piano, and the Regulating Rack provides strike, hammer scale, hammerline, letoff, and drop. 

Session 3: 

The Squaring Platform allows traveling and squaring of hammers to vertical. This simplifies the action, improving performance, and allows leveling and mating in one step, improving tone.

Session 4: 

Finally, some regulating at the Regulation Station. Protocols place steps in an order that does not undo work already done. And the action fits back in the piano!