Chris will be teaching the following classes at the 2023 National PTG Convention in Arlington VA (July 26-29)

Action Bench Setup for Grand Regulating

This class defies the commonly held notion that grand regulating on a bench cannot fit in the piano. Key elements of keyframe bedding, bedding and strike sampling, and bench setup will be presented. Principles and their application will be the focus and include a look at some tools that facilitate.

Key Levelling 101

Why keys need leveling, how to choose best natural and sharp heights for action and case parts, when to replace materials or parts. Then, spacing and squaring, whether or not to crown, Accelerated actions, and tips for speed and accuracy. Both in-piano and on-bench methods will be considered.

Refining the Grand Regulation

Move a job from professionally acceptable to exceeding expectations by tweaking geometry, adjusting friction, traveling and squaring parts to vertical. And then, by weighing off and final fine regulating. All on-bench. Back in-piano, enhance damper regulating and empower voicing by fitting in-tune strings to vertical-at-strike hammers.