8-Class Offering at the National PTG Convention this summer.

Having made the plug for the hands-on Bootcamp, I will continue to offer "free" classes at conventions. These run through the protocols and show what the System entails on the fairly large canvas of 8 class periods. The System naturally divides into subjects that proceed in the order in which they are encountered in an actual regulation.

Here is the schedule for this convention in Lancaster PA July 11-14:

1 Sell Your Grand Customers More Regulations Wednesday 8:00am (Period 1) in Heritage B

The Grandwork Regulation Protocol provides one-stop bench regulating for grand actions! Work done on the bench fits back in the piano and steps don’t undo previous steps. Good referencing prepares hammers to address their strings vertically, improving tone, power, and repetition. Consistent success with the Grandwork System brings confidence and enthusiasm that sell this work.   

 2 Short and Long Form Keyframe Bedding Wed 1:30pm (Period 3) at Booth 31

Grand action regulating begins with keyframe bedding. Good tone, good power, and good repetition depend on it. Remove the return spring. Bed the cheekblocks. And test front and back rails. If they pass, WNG Keyframe Bedding Tool the balancerail. If they fail, the Grandwork Bedding Protocol guides you through what to do.

3 Bedding and Strike Sampling in the Piano Wed 3:45pm (Period 4) at Booth 31

Learn a new, simpler, and more accurate approach to transferring grand bedding and strike information from piano to bench. Keys with Grandwork Keysteps memorize keyframe bedding. Hammers and the weight of a WNG Dip Tool memorize strike. An additional mid-range Keystep maps the overall shape of the frontrail.   

Bedding and Strike Setup on the Bench Thu 8:00am (Period 1) at Booth 31

The Grandwork Custom Keybed provides all the features needed to recreate the piano’s keyframe bedding with stability. Elements fix position and support each rail to in-piano specs, including frontrail crowning. And the Grandwork Regulating Rack sets up a stable profile of strike that lowers to letoff, hammerline, and more.   

5 Prep Parts to Vertical: Balance and Simplicity Thu 10:30am (Period 2) at Booth 31

Fully regulate two samples on the bench, with a third to try new parts. File flared hammers with the Hammer Filing Jig. Travel shanks and square hammers to vertical at strike with the Squaring Platform, Shank Traveler, and Hammer Square. Discover how yes-no, go-nogo, and trial-and-error procedures produce superior results.   

6 Hang Hammers Vertically at Strike Thu 1:30pm (Period 3) at Booth 31

The Grandwork Hammer Hanging Jig provides easy tail and shoulder positioning, with clearance for new shanks in the high treble. It coordinates with the Squaring Platform and Regulating Rack to hang hammers to be vertical at strike. Later, these hammers will accurately provide string leveling and mating in one step.   

7 Fast and Precise Bench Regulating Thu 3:45pm (Period 4) at Booth 31

Square, space, and level keys in good light at a good height. Regulating Rack templates, fixed at strike, provide the perfect spacing scale to return to during regulating. Then, moving this strike profile to heights needed takes seconds. And steps proceed in an order that will not undo previous work.    

8 Installation, String-to-Hammer Mating, and Voicing Sat 3:45pm (Period 4) in Heritage B

Back in the piano, after one trip to the bench, the regulation fits. Now, fine space hammers, settle wire, tune, and mate strings to their hammers.  The strings will turn out parallel to the keybed, facilitating damper regulation and soft pedal function. And your vertical regulating will way simplify voicing.  


**Note: This is an 8-period sequential series of classes, but they each can stand alone. Classes 1 and 8 will be held in classroom Heritage B. For classes 2-7, which will take place at the Grandwork Booth (#31) in the Exhibition Hall, please contact Chris to receive the pass you will need to get into the Hall during class times.