"fantastic reduction of onsite time!" Mario igrec


Steve Brady RPT

After two-and-a-half years, I can say that the Grandwork Regulation Station has transformed my action work. I’m enjoying the process so much more, and getting more accurate results in the shop than I ever thought possible.

It seemed like a lot of money when I was weighing the decision to buy it, but now I really wish I had taken the plunge many years ago. The hammer hanging jig is also a joy to use — the best one on the market in my opinion.

Thanks for all your hard work in bringing this technology to us!

Arlan Harris RPT MPT

The Regulation Station duplicates string positioning and keybed peculiarities and, combined with protocols Chris has developed, enables the professional technician to bring an action to the shop and recreate perfectly the in-piano bedding and strike. This saves hours when the action is returned to the piano. 

It has paid for itself many times over.

Jude Reveley

Your system has exponentially upgraded the clarity and quality of our work. The benefits include unparalleled accuracy in establishing vertical alignment leading to increased tone, power and sustain; elimination of costly and inefficient guesswork; less fatigue on the body from straining over a piano; the ability to view and make critical adjustments (i.e. adjusting the drop screws and strength of the repetitions) at the bench which were previously impossible to do with the action inside the piano cavity; increased precision as a result of a multi-sensorial approach to hammer travel; the ability to perform a concert quality regulation off-site with careful samples; and a system that can be readily taught to apprentice employees.