Grandwork Tools

Leveling-Sampling Kit

$ 460.00
  • Leveling-Sampling Kit

Grandwork Tools

Leveling-Sampling Kit

$ 460.00

Brand new kit that contains most of what you need for leveling and sampling (does not include WNG Keyframe Bedding Tool or Level Stick). In this kit:

  • WNG Key Dip Tool
  • 8 12mm Keysteps
  • 8 10mm Keysteps
  • 2 100mm machine screws (for punching storage)
  • 1 ratcheting wrench
  • 1 200 gram weight (for string #3 anti-deflection strike sampling)
  • Rocke Sharp Leveling Blocks
  • Organizer box

This kit does weigh nearly four pounds, but it is solid, well-balanced, and worth its weight in gold for getting a grand action onto a bench for accurate regulating.

the regulating rack

Letoff racks provide letoff for a section. Regulating Racks provide the entire strike profile and change its height as needed for the whole action.

Applying The System

The Setup and Order of Operations guides you step by step and the Laminated Protocols let you tick off steps as you go, so you don't get out of order or leave something out.

Well-lit work

The Regulating Rack's rail has LEDs that illuminate both templates and action. The Hammer Hanging Jig has its own LEDa, too. And Lighting Rails come in four sizes to shine light wherever you need it.