Welcome, piano technicians!

For three centuries, we have suffered working on grand actions in the piano, with issues of inaccessibility, poor light, and tough ergonomics. Or we have taken parts of this work to a bench, where the keyframe sits differently and our measuring has just enough error to send us in circles, until the best we can do is accomplished. 

But now, with Grandwork™ tools and protocols, grand regulating as a linear process is both more accurate and faster, with the bench portion from key leveling to aftertouch fitting in the piano first time! And this approach concludes with successful string leveling and string-to-hammer mating in one step, the perfect preparation for your voicing!!

The Custom Keybed, the bench part of a RS Deluxe and RS Full Monte, now has two bases to choose from. The Adjustable Base manually adjusts to a choice of ten heights ranging from 25" to 40". Made out of extruded aluminum, this base is very light, less than 15 lbs all together, with a shelf that may be added. And it has the greatest locking castors ever. The new Electric Base, however, weighs north of 65 lbs, but it will go up, down, or to one of four pre-selected heights with the press of a button. And the range of motion is 25-50", with a load capacity of 300 lbs!! 

The following Grandwork™ tools (designed and manufactured by Chris Brown RPT) contribute important elements to this system

  •     The Regulating Rack supplies an on-bench profile of string heights along the strike line, moving it down as a whole for letoff or hammer line, and up again to bounce hammers off of for backchecking.
  •     Keysteps and Gauge Keys facilitate setup on the bench, the leveling of keys, and half-stroke analysis.
  •     The Squaring Platform, with Shank Traveler and Hammer Square, provides hammer verticality at strike and vertical hammer travel.
  •     The Hammer Hanging Jig integrates with the Squaring Platform, offering a stable and easy-to-use means of hanging your own hammers vertically at strike. 
  •     And the Hammer Filing Jig improves control over hammer size, shape, and finish. 

Check out our Regulation Station packages, but if they are too expensive, a Regulating Rack or a Keystep Bedding Kit, or even a Set of Gauge Keys, can make a difference.

Here are outlines to follow, the Grandwork Protocols and Setup and Order of Operations for the Regulation Station: