Grandwork System = Best Voicing Prep

The following Grandwork tools perform essential voicing services:

  • Squaring Platform
  • Shank Traveler
  • Hammer Square
  • Hammer Hanging Jig
  • Hammer Filing Jig
  • Regulating Rack
  • Keysteps Sampling Kit
  • String Height Gauge
  • Custom Keybed

They assure well-shaped hammers rise vertically and address their unison strings vertically. The three dimensions of strike are located and set up reliably out of the piano where good visibility and 360-degree access are available. There, the prep work and regulating methodically proceed in best order.

Back in the piano, unison strings are then fit to these vertical hammers. Because crowns are horizontal at strike, strings will be horizontal at strike, simplifying and articulating delivery of energy from player to soundboard.

Hammers let off in the right place, repetition levers are held back at the right moment, aftertouch gives exactly the expected follow-through, backchecks catch tails in the right spot, and the process resets efficiently.

But how can we achieve this very precise result?

The Grandwork System was specifically developed to achieve this goal: The Squaring Platform raises the keybed’s horizontal plane for the Shank Traveler and Hammer Square to reference vertical. The Hammer Hanging Jig hangs hammers vertically at strike. The Hammer Filing Jig well-shapes hammer crowns. And the Regulating Rack works with Keysteps and Custom Keybed to bring support, positioning, and target from their homes in the piano out onto the bench. And so forth.

It’s a teamwork of experts, the experts being the various collaborating Grandwork tools and procedures. Apart from the efficient regulating expected of them, their most important job is to prep the horizontal-to-horizontal mating that is the prerequisite for meaningful voicing!