WNG Dip Tool measuring the dip of a natural key relative to its neighbors.

Grand Regulation: Key Dip – Part 2

Key dip, the Articulator, specifies a note’s depth of stroke and resulting hammer rise. Along with blow distance, letoff, and other geometry, it fine-tunes aftertouch, the follow-through needed for good and comfortable execution of each note. It also lifts the backcheck to its work and the damper to clear its strings. 

Depth of stroke (dip) as a measurement relates to neighboring keys. But the depth of stroke needed to produce a specific hammer rise and aftertouch is a distance traveled, irrespective of neighbors. So, when we use a dip block or a WNG Dip Tool to set dip, our keys need to be level for our dip to be accurate.

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Relationship of Aftertouch to Backchecking

Q. Thoughts on aftertouch affecting checking?  A. Aftertouch directly affects backchecking. If we define aftertouch as key travel after letoff, this can translate to backcheck travel after letoff, since the backcheck is attached to the key. Further key stroke equals greater backcheck reach and less equals less. Imagine no aftertouch. The jack ...
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