Imperfect Agrafffes and Best String-to-Hammer Mating

The experienced regulator/voicer has filing skills, regulating chops, voicing tricks, and an array of solutions to apply in response to constraints of piano, time, budget, and the vicissitudes of by-eye referencing. Even for them, variables represent challenges and simpler is better. For the rest of us, simpler is way better.

So. My tools or yours, travel and square hammers to vertical, position the action in the piano for best tone, and level strings to hammers in the piano. This needs to be coordinated with settling the wire throughout its lengths to finish with the fit at pitch and the piano in tune.

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Tuning Strategy

I always advised my customers to call me when the piano sounded its best. As this odd piece of advice sank in, they would gradually realize that I had told a joke, however earnestly and sincerely rendered. They were unlikely, of course, to ever call me for a tuning when the piano was sounding its best.
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