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Key Steps for Grand Regulating 1

The Key Steps for Grand Regulating Slideshow plots out my approach to regulating a grand action. Of slideshow photos, more can always be said. And the saying can wander off and back freerange for points of interest, reader insights, or questions raised. I aspire to make this a weekly outing. Please join me.

The slideshow, which is free from the link above, can provide context and continuity as we go. It may present ideas you wish to challenge. Some items may surprise you a little and raise questions. Great. We can always stop for a while on a given photo and its implications. Or two or more can be covered in one week's chat.

So much can be said about grand regulating, but trying to say it all may leave things out anyway, overwhelm, or bore by turns. And also, words can prove a little slippery in the brain. So, more detail but briefly added is the goal. 

This week's photo shows tools used for taking in-piano samples to accurately set up on a bench. More on that later. Here, you see two sizes of Keysteps (yes, my Key Steps feature my Keysteps), two WNG tools, a 200 gram weight, and some tweezers. Can you piece together why I've chosen these?  And why, for sampling purposes, the Dip Tool's little crossbar is purposefully left out? There is the slideshow to crib from. And the Digital Protocols... 

Comment below, if you like, or reach me through the Contact Page. Until next week.


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