KS 22: Key Steps Review, Index, and Tags

KS 22: Key Steps Review, Index, and Tags

We're a long way into the Key Steps for Grand Regulating woods, on a path of one-by-one steps. If you've been following, it might be useful to have title breadcrumbs back to where we've been or if one bit appeals to you, find further bits for context. This series came out of Powerpoint slideshow photos for a class, photos that I admit are proliferating just a little in their new setting. Anyway, this is a list of the Key Steps so far:

  1. New Offering in the Offing
  2. Concerning Dags and Return Spring
  3. Shape of Keybed
  4. How Flat is the Keybed?
  5. Bedding the Cheekblocks
  6. Hidden Glidebolts
  7. Testing the Backrail Fit
  8. Bedding the Backrail
  9. Bedding the Frontrail
  10. Bedding the Balancerail
  11. Bedding and Action Elevations
  12. Solving Excess Friction
  13. Preparing for Bedding, Key Level, and Strike Samples
  14. Bedding and Key Level Sampling
  15. Strike Sampling
  16. Fixing Action Position on the Bench
  17. Bedding Setup on the Bench
  18. Strike Setup on the Bench
  19. Recording Spacing Scale and Strike Heights
  20. Key Leveling on the Bench
  21. Hammer Prepping Off-Rail and Pinning
  22. Key Steps Review, Index, and Tags
  23. Hammer Prep On-Rail and Verticality
  24. Regulate Samples / Additional Prep
  25. Further Discretionary Prep
  26. Begin Regulating with a Plan
  27. Gauging the Plan - Part 1

The first eleven are tagged on this website as Keyframe Bedding. 12-18 as Grand Sampling and Bench Setup. And 19-21 as Regulating Prep - for now. I will try to keep index and tags updated in future as we go.

Next week: Hammer Prep On-Rail and Verticality 

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